Teacher Training

Customized workshops inspire educators to incorporate movement into their classrooms. Teachers learn to utilize creative movement exercises as a means to deepen learning of mathematics, science, and spelling or writing with Structured Word Inquiry. Additionally teachers develop tools to guide students to embody concepts, develop empathy, and deepen social and emotional relationships.

Workshops include: 

• Exercises, games, and physical experiments applicable to all subjects.

• Techniques for listening and speaking with the body.

• Nonverbal communication and body language awareness. 

• Exercises to develop students' gross motor and skills and awareness of personal and group space

• All exercises can be utilized in classroom transitions or as full lessons.

• Lesson plans (adaptable to multiple subjects) 30 min, 45 min, and 1 hour

• Playlists and songs 

• Interactive workbook 


Curriculum Development

I support the development of 6, 15, and 30 week movement curriculum. I specialize in Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd grade and support elementary and high school teachers to bring physical movement into intellectual based inquiry. I also offer consulting for developing acrobatic and circus arts programs. 

Professional Development




I offer professional development for groups of educators. I lead teams through movement based community building experiences that can be expanded upon throughout the school year. I host a bi-monthly conversation between Bay Area educators to collaborate, support, and inspire. 

I believe that collaborating with educators of varied background and expertise is essential to community development. Driven by child-centered philosophy, I combine choreographic tools I have garnered in my experience as a professional dance artist, the brilliant ideas of  Anne Green Gilbert, and the expressive spirit of the circus.